Barbados Prepares Troops for Haiti Deployment Amid Ongoing Crisis

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Barbados Defence Force

Barbados is actively preparing its military forces for a potential deployment to Haiti as part of a CARICOM-led multinational force aiming to restore order amidst the ongoing crisis in the Caribbean nation. Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Lovell, the military advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Barbados Defence Force, revealed that the 600-strong Barbadian contingent is currently undergoing pre-mission training, focusing on security operations, tactics, and psychological preparation for the challenges anticipated in Haiti. The exact timeline for the deployment remains unclear, awaiting directives from CARICOM’s security chiefs and the Prime Minister of Barbados.

The initiative responds to the dire situation in Haiti, where gang violence has surged, leading to numerous casualties and the displacement of thousands. Amidst this chaos, the United Nations has called for the swift deployment of a security force, approved by the UN Security Council, to work alongside Haitian police in curbing gang activities and ensuring the safe delivery of humanitarian aid. Barbados, alongside Benin, Chad, Bangladesh, and The Bahamas, has pledged support for this mission, marking Barbados’s involvement in Haiti 30 years after its participation in Operation Restore Democracy.

As Barbados and its CARICOM partners continue their preparations, the situation in Haiti remains volatile, with recent attacks on key government sites and the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse exacerbating the crisis. The proposed multinational force aims to stabilize Haiti and pave the way for a peaceful and democratic resolution to the ongoing turmoil.

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