Caribbean Organization Advocates for Recognition of Palestine and Reevaluation of Ties with Israel

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Caribbean Organization Advocates for Recognition of Palestine and Reevaluation of Ties with Israel 2

In a recent call to action, the Bridgetown-based Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine (CAAP) has urged Barbados to formally recognize Palestine as an independent state and to reconsider its longstanding diplomatic relations with Israel. This appeal comes amidst escalating violence in Gaza, described by Prime Minister Mia Motley as a “televised genocide,” which has resulted in the tragic loss of over 30,000 Palestinian lives since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas War in October 2023.

During a press conference held on Friday, March 15, CAAP highlighted the urgent need for Barbados to adopt a principled stance against the atrocities occurring in Gaza. Lalu Hanuman, CAAP secretary, emphasized the importance of immediate action from the Barbadian government, including the recognition of the state of Palestine and, at the very least, a suspension of diplomatic relations with Israel.

Hanuman criticized Barbados for recognizing Kosovo—a territory not universally acknowledged by the United Nations—while continuing to withhold recognition from Palestine. He stressed the inconsistency in Barbados’s diplomatic positions and called for concrete measures beyond verbal condemnation of the violence in Gaza.

Referring to the four CARICOM countries that have yet to recognize Palestine—Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and The Bahamas—Hanuman urged for a consistent approach across the Caribbean. He drew parallels to the international stance against apartheid South Africa, suggesting that CARICOM states should similarly refuse diplomatic relations with nations engaged in genocidal actions.

CAAP supports CARICOM’s proposal for the UN General Assembly to convene an emergency session under the “Uniting for Peace” resolution. This would entail a collective suspension of diplomatic relations with Israel to pressure for a ceasefire. However, Hanuman believes that such a significant move must begin with unified action within CARICOM itself, starting with the recognition of Palestine and the suspension of ties with Israel.

Dr. Linda Sobeh Ali, Palestine’s Ambassador to the Caribbean, also spoke at the press conference, calling on Barbados and other Caribbean nations to stand firmly on the side of justice. She implored the leaders of the region to make a historic decision that aligns with the values of humanity and justice.

The call to action by CAAP and Ambassador Ali reflects a growing sentiment within the Caribbean community towards taking a more active and principled role in international human rights issues, starting with the recognition of Palestine and a critical reevaluation of diplomatic relationships with Israel.

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