Deported US Missionary Vows Return to Dominica, Citing Divine Mission and Legal Battle Ahead

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Jason Grogg, Deported US Citizen

In a recent interview with Dominica News Online, Jason Grogg, a US missionary recently deported from Dominica, expressed his unwavering desire to return to the island, which he now considers his home. Despite his deportation, which he views as illegal due to the lack of official paperwork and the confiscation of his passport by the Dominican government, Grogg remains committed to fighting for his and his family’s right to live in Dominica.

Grogg, who moved his family to Dominica to escape what he perceives as the moral decay of the United States, was arrested along with his family after firearms were found in their possession. After dealing with the legal repercussions and paying fines, Grogg and his family were unexpectedly deported without formal legal documentation. This action by the Dominican government has not deterred Grogg; instead, it has strengthened his resolve to return to the island.

Believing that Dominica lacks “strong biblical leadership” and a need for “righteous” individuals to stand against corruption and guide the society, Grogg sees his mission in Dominica as divinely ordained. He plans to seek legal recourse through high-level law firms to challenge the deportation and is prepared to take his case to the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court if necessary.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Grogg encourages others to visit Dominica, praising its beauty, natural resources, and the openness of its people to truth and righteousness. His narrative illustrates the intricate relationship among personal beliefs, legal challenges, and the quest for a life directed by faith in an unfamiliar country.

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