Essequibo Dispute: ICJ to Rule on Guyana’s Plea Against Venezuela’s Referendum

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Essequibo Dispute: ICJ to Rule on Guyana's Plea Against Venezuela's Referendum 2

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is set to issue a crucial order on Guyana’s request for provisional measures against Venezuela’s planned referendum. This referendum, set for December 3, seeks to assert Venezuelan ownership over the resource-rich Essequibo region, currently under Guyana’s control.

The dispute stems from the 1899 Arbitral Award that established the border between Venezuela and then-British Guiana, which Guyana wants the ICJ to enforce.

The ICJ’s upcoming decision follows hearings where both nations presented their cases. Venezuela insists the referendum is a domestic matter and not aimed at annexing Essequibo, while international entities like CARICOM, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and the OAS oppose the referendum, citing violations of international law.

This situation highlights a critical juncture in international relations and law. The outcome of the ICJ’s decision and the ensuing referendum could reshape the geopolitical landscape in South America, impacting not just Guyana and Venezuela, but also the principles of territorial integrity and international legal order. The resolution of this long-standing border dispute will set a precedent for future international territorial conflicts.

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