Exposed: The Shocking Trade of Endangered Fish for Health Supplements by The Blue Formula

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Endagered Totoaba Firsh

Environmental watchdogs have raised serious accusations against The Blue Formula, a Mexico-based startup, for allegedly selling a health supplement made from endangered totoaba fish. This situation poses a concerning intersection of international trade law violations, conservation worries, and the ethics of wildlife exploitation.

The product in question is a collagen powder, derived from totoaba fish, and marketed as “nature’s best kept secret.” It’s designed to mix into drinks, but its legality is highly questionable. The totoaba fish is protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), making its export for sale illegal unless it’s bred in captivity under specific permits. Both Mexico and the U.S., the primary markets for this product, are signatories to CITES.

The Blue Formula claims to source the fish sustainably from Cygnus Ocean, a farm with a breeding permit. However, concerns arise as the farm reportedly lacks a permit for commercial export, and there are fears that the company could be a front for laundering illegally caught wild totoaba. This illegal fishing practice not only threatens totoaba but also endangers the critically at-risk vaquita porpoise, with estimates suggesting fewer than a dozen remain in the wild. This situation is exacerbated by the high demand and price for totoaba bladders in China, which are considered a delicacy.

The impact of this situation extends far beyond the boundaries of conservation. It delves into the realms of international law, ethical business practices, and the broader implications of human interaction with the environment. As consumers, it prompts us to consider the source and impact of the products we use. It also raises questions about the effectiveness of international regulations in protecting endangered species and the responsibility of businesses in upholding ethical standards. This case serves as a crucial reminder of our role in the global ecosystem and the importance of making informed choices that respect and preserve our natural world.

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