Grenada Announces 25% Christmas Bonus for All Public Officers in December 2023

Grenada St Georges
St Georges, Grenada

The Grenadian government has announced a significant ex gratia payment for all public officers, equating to 25% of their basic December salary. Finance Minister Dennis Cornwall, during the presentation of the 2024 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, confirmed this decision, which was unanimously approved by the Cabinet.

Cornwall emphasized that this bonus would be subject to income tax, underscoring the government’s commitment to financial responsibility. He clarified that the government is not portraying itself as overly generous or as a “Santa Claus in December.”

Looking ahead, Cornwall revealed plans to implement a performance-based appraisal system in 2025. This system will determine future bonuses or honorariums, with payments contingent on both individual performance and the government’s financial capability.

The bonus will extend to all public servants, including those on government contracts and participants in the Imani training program. It will be distributed as part of the second bi-monthly payment in December, anticipated around December 22.

The total expenditure for this initiative is estimated to be around EC$6.9 million, factored into the government’s 2023 expenditure. The public service workforce, currently at 5,363, is expected to increase to 5,457 in the fiscal year 2024. This move represents a substantial investment in Grenada’s public sector workforce, reflecting the government’s recognition of their contributions and the challenges faced in the current economic climate.

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