Guide Stars Lessons: The Bird will fly in its own time by Eddy Smith

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Eddy Smith

In our quest for spiritual fulfillment and the anticipation of divine rewards, there’s a tendency to focus so intensely on the afterlife that we disregard the significance and obligations of our current existence. This mirrors the guidance given by Jesus to “occupy till I come,” which emphasizes the necessity of our participation and responsible management in our worldly affairs, rather than adopting a stance of idle contemplation towards the celestial. Nevertheless, it’s common to observe individuals ensnared in a constant state of aspiration towards the ethereal, aspiring for a transcendent state, all the while metaphorically lounging in their “unkempt beds.” These unkempt beds are symbolic of the overlooked elements of our everyday lives—our tasks, interactions, and self-improvement—that languish as our attention is monopolized by spiritual pursuits, overlooking the fact that spiritual maturation is intrinsically linked with our earthly conduct.

Reflect on the tale of a man whose obsession with witnessing a bird ascend to the skies leads him to disregard all else. This individual discovers a bird in his garden, famed for its potential to soar to remarkable altitudes, and becomes fixated on the notion of training it to fly. In pursuit of this goal, he abandons his professional duties, his family, and neglects his health, convinced that his paramount objective is to see the bird take flight. He engages in prayer, fasting, and even attempts to emulate flying to motivate the bird, yet to no avail. Upon the arrival of a wise individual who learns of his endeavor, this insightful person remarks, “Your preoccupation with the bird’s ascent to the heavens has caused you to forget to cherish your life on earth. The bird will take to the sky in its own time, but you must not forsake the existence you’ve been granted in the here and now.” This narrative underscores the vital lesson that, though spiritual endeavors are valuable, they should never overshadow our worldly obligations and the life we lead. Authentic spirituality is characterized by a harmonious balance, enhancing our own lives and those of others by fully participating in the reality we occupy.

It’s essential to acknowledge the elements of our lives that are often ignored as we look heavenward. Our physical health, which we sometimes take for granted, needs careful attention through proper nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest, showcasing our reverence for the body as the spirit’s temple. Equally, our emotional and mental well-being, crucial for our overall health, requires conscious care and cultivation. As custodians of this world, overlooking these aspects not only lessens our ability to perform our earthly duties but also goes against the very principle of stewardship bestowed upon us. This responsibility extends from the personal to the environmental, underscoring a significant disconnection in our interaction with the natural world. The pressing issue of climate change serves as a glaring example of this oversight, a direct result of our failure to fulfill our guardianship role towards the planet. Moreover, the recent pandemic has laid bare the flaws in our collective obligation to one another, demonstrating how readily we can place personal interests above the welfare of the community. This scenario calls for a reassessment of our priorities, emphasizing the need for a holistic approach to living that honors both our spiritual aspirations and our earthly commitments.

This neglect signifies more than just a failure in our role as stewards; it points to a profound moral shortcoming. In our pursuit of heavenly reward, it’s crucial to embody the virtues that are essential for such a journey. Our desire to explore the fields of Elysium ought to motivate us to foster a world that reflects the righteousness of these divine places. While focusing on prophetic visions of the end times and the afterlife holds importance, it should not detract from our immediate obligations to improve our society. Demonstrating compassion, advocating for justice, and protecting our environment are actions that should be pursued not merely as rehearsals for the afterlife but as essential responsibilities in our current existence. Our yearning for the hereafter should augment, rather than excuse, our involvement in the present, compelling us to live by virtues that not only ready us for an afterlife of bliss but also transform our present world into one of greater peace and responsible care.

This discussion is not meant to criticize the aspiration towards celestial domains; instead, it aims to emphasize the importance of staying grounded in the present, approaching our interaction with the world around us with thoughtfulness and purpose. The prevalent problems of moral degradation, sexual immorality, and pervasive oppressive mindsets require our immediate engagement and efforts. These problems can be alleviated if each individual chooses to consciously and actively “live good,” echoing the wisdom that has been handed down through the ages. This dedication to virtuous and ethical behavior goes beyond religious labels, representing a universal summons to everyone, regardless of whether they identify with any faith or philosophical standpoint. The core of this message is not to reprimand but to encourage a dedication to fostering positive transformation.

Embracing this rich and reflective discourse, I feel a renewed call to action, embracing the simple yet profound pledge: to commit to one good act a day. This practice, rooted in the idea of paying it forward, holds the potential to generate a wave of positivity, love, and good energy that can transform our collective reality. By promoting temperance in speech, action, and expression, we nurture an environment that brings out the best in human virtues. This personal reflection not only reiterates the importance of these actions for myself but also serves as an invitation for everyone to join in this meaningful endeavor.

This invitation is not a burdensome command but a call to make a real impact with simple, daily gestures of kindness and integrity. The charm of this initiative is in its straightforwardness and the hopeful principle of reciprocity—that the positivity we send out into the world will eventually return to us.

As we aim for high ideals and heavenly objectives, it’s crucial to stay mindful of our journey on Earth. The profound guidance to “keep your mind on the star, but let your eyes watch over your footsteps lest you fall into the mire by reason of your upward gaze” acts as a potent reminder to harmonize our spiritual ambitions with conscious living. This ensures our path is lit not just by the distant radiance of stars but also by the immediate glow of compassion, empathy, and duty that lights our immediate path.

Thus, with sincerity and optimism let’s embrace this mission, recognizing that every small act of kindness contributes to a broader movement of positive change. By committing to this path, one good deed at a time, we not only enhance our own lives but also create a legacy of benevolence and moral excellence that resonates through time. Together, we can craft a world where positivity, love, and good energy thrive, anchored in the reality of our daily endeavors and elevated by our loftiest goals.

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