Guyana Addresses Chickenpox Outbreak at Lusignan Prison with Comprehensive Measures

The Back Of A 30 Year Old Male Suffering From Chickenpox Image Credit F Malan 2010
Guyana Addresses Chickenpox Outbreak at Lusignan Prison with Comprehensive Measures 2

In Guyana, health authorities are tackling a chickenpox outbreak at Lusignan Prison, located in the County of East Demerara, with a series of strategic measures. The Ministry of Health has stepped forward to clarify its position and actions in response to rumors of inadequate handling of the situation, emphasizing the proactive steps taken to mitigate the spread of this highly contagious disease.

The outbreak, which initially affected 53 inmates, prompted swift action from health officials and the Prisons Service. Efforts to control the outbreak include thorough contact tracing to identify the source, whether it be an inmate, staff member, or visitor. Following the initial reports of unusual itching among prisoners, medical screenings were promptly conducted, leading to the isolation of those diagnosed with chickenpox from the rest of the prison population.

The Ministry of Health reassured that the medical team would continue to monitor the situation closely, with the outbreak currently appearing to be under control. Vaccination and surveillance measures have been extended to staff members potentially exposed to the virus. Furthermore, health authorities are conducting surveillance and screening across other prisons to prevent further outbreaks, with advisories sent to all prisons to maintain vigilance for any signs of chickenpox.

The Ministry addressed concerns raised by a major political party, criticizing its attempt to create panic and undermining the efforts of prison officers and the medical team dedicated to controlling the outbreak. The statement emphasized that outbreaks of chickenpox in prison settings are not uncommon worldwide, given the highly contagious nature of the Varicella-Zoster virus among unvaccinated and non-immune populations.

Guyana’s health authorities remain committed to managing the outbreak with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring the well-being of inmates, prison staff, and the broader community. Their response showcases a robust health management system capable of addressing such challenges efficiently and effectively.

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