Guyana’s President Ali Asserts Sovereignty Amidst Venezuelan Aggression “No effort will be spared”

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President of Guyana Dr Irfaan Ali

Amidst escalating tensions with Venezuela, President Dr. Irfaan Ali has reaffirmed Guyana’s commitment to defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity. This firm stance was articulated during a recent press conference at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, responding to Venezuela’s plans for an illegal referendum on Guyana’s Essequibo region, set for December 3, 2023. President Ali emphasized that Guyana is actively engaging with international partners to ensure the nation’s sovereignty remains intact. He expressed confidence in the support of strategic partners, including CARICOM, in standing against any threats to Guyana’s territorial integrity.

The situation has been treated with utmost seriousness by President Ali, who has been in continuous dialogue with the international and regional community. He expressed confidence that Guyana’s allies would stand by the country in the event of any reckless actions by Venezuela.The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) has also been actively involved, communicating aggressively with military counterparts both regionally and internationally. This proactive approach signifies Guyana’s readiness to confront any challenges to its sovereignty.

Venezuela Guyana Essequibo Dispute
Guayana Esequiba, region of dispute

Despite the ongoing controversy, President Ali remains open to discussions with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on matters unrelated to the territorial dispute, as the issue is currently before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and not open for negotiation. In addressing the public’s concerns, President Ali warned against misinformation and fear-mongering on social media. He urged citizens to rely on official sources for accurate information and reassured them of the government’s continuous efforts in ensuring national security.

The President also emphasized the importance of media engagement in educating the population about the issue, cautioning against sensationalism and the creation of unnecessary unease. As Guyana awaits the ICJ’s ruling, President Ali’s administration continues to navigate this complex territorial dispute, demonstrating a commitment to international law and diplomatic solutions while ensuring national preparedness for any eventualities.

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