High-Level Executive at Massy Holdings Alleges Company Trains Staff in Communicating with the Dead – Truth or Scandal?

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Massy Holdings, a Trinidad-based regional conglomerate, has vehemently denied claims by its shareholder and general counsel, Angelique Parisot-Potter, that the company trains employees in practices like communicating with the dead and self-healing using “white light energy”. These allegations were described by Massy Holdings as “patently untrue and scandalous” in a paid advertisement in Trinidadian media.

Parisot-Potter, who also serves as Massy’s executive vice president of Business Integrity, raised these concerns at the group’s annual general meeting. She referred to an executive leadership program involving frequent travel to Fort Myers, Florida, and extensive commitments, alleging bizarre rituals like communication with the dead and self-healing practices being part of the program. She expressed worry over the influence exerted by the couple leading this program on Massy’s executive team, especially during a foreign exchange crisis, and questioned the allocation of resources to such activities.

In response, Massy Holdings clarified that the board is taking these allegations seriously and has initiated an independent review of all claims made by Parisot-Potter, who submitted a detailed 13-page document to the CEO. The company expressed concern over the public disclosure of what it considers a confidential matter at its 100th annual meeting and has started a disciplinary process to review Parisot-Potter’s actions in relation to her duties as general counsel.

Massy emphasized the importance of handling the situation responsibly and decisively, indicating a commitment to due process in addressing these unusual and serious allegations.

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