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Jamaica Customs Intercepts Cocaine Shipments in Major Anti-Drug Operation

The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) has scored a significant victory in the battle against transnational drug trafficking. In a strategic operation at the Norman Manley International Airport Cargo Section, JCA officials successfully intercepted two cocaine trafficking attempts, including a shipment destined for Thailand.

During their routine operations, the Customs Officers unearthed an undisclosed amount of cocaine ingeniously concealed within a toaster oven. This bust not only highlights the sophisticated methods employed by drug traffickers but also the effectiveness of Jamaica Customs in disrupting these complex international drug networks.CEO/Commissioner of Customs, Mrs. Velma Ricketts Walker, emphasized the impact of this operation, noting its role in sending a potent message to criminal networks. The seizure is a testament to JCA’s commitment to thwarting attempts to exploit global trade routes for illegal drug trafficking.

This successful operation aligns with JCA’s ongoing efforts to enhance its vigilance and employ advanced inspection techniques. Their proactive approach is pivotal in addressing the challenges posed by transnational crime and safeguarding national security.

With ten cocaine seizures in customs-controlled areas since October 2023, the Jamaica Customs Agency demonstrates its heightened alertness and operational efficiency. The agency continues to invest in technology, enhancing its capability for both intrusive and non-intrusive inspections.

As a key border protection, trade, and revenue collection agency, Jamaica Customs plays a crucial role in managing and protecting the nation’s borders and ports of entry, working in tandem with other law enforcement partners to combat drug trafficking and other forms of transnational crime.

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