Kansas City Man Charged with Murdering Hospitalized Wife Over Medical Costs

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Ronnie Wiggs

In a tragic turn of events in Kansas City, Ronnie Wiggs is facing a second-degree murder charge after he allegedly killed his wife in a hospital where she was receiving treatment for her medical conditions. The incident took place at Centerpoint Medical Center in Independence, Missouri, where his wife was hospitalized to receive a new dialysis port. According to court documents, the situation escalated when hospital staff initiated a “code blue” after finding her unresponsive.

Despite efforts to revive her, she was declared brain dead, leading to preparations for organ harvesting. Wiggs, who had left the hospital briefly, was brought back by his wife’s son and subsequently confessed to the crime in front of hospital staff, reportedly stating, “I did it, I killed her, I choked her.”

Upon his arrest and during the police interrogation, Wiggs admitted that he covered his wife’s nose and mouth to prevent her from screaming. He described his actions as stemming from a state of depression, overwhelmed by the burdens of caregiving and escalating medical bills. Wiggs also revealed that this was not his first attempt; he had previously tried to kill his wife at a rehabilitation facility, which she survived, explicitly asking him not to repeat his actions.

Wiggs expressed to detectives his intent to end his wife’s life again while she was hospitalized, but was deterred by the presence of multiple medical monitors. His bond review is scheduled for Thursday, with a bond set at $250,000, and he has been referred to the public defender’s office, which has not yet commented on the case. This heart-wrenching story highlights the dire circumstances and mental health challenges faced by those caring for seriously ill relatives.

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