Massy Holdings Initiates Disciplinary Process After Executive’s Shocking Claims of Supernatural Practices

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Angelique Parisot-Potter

The board of Massy Holdings Ltd. is currently undertaking a disciplinary process to address the conduct of its general counsel and executive vice-president of Business Integrity, Angelique Parisot-Potter, following her allegations at the company’s annual general meeting. The board has expressed its appallment at Parisot-Potter’s behavior during the meeting, where she made controversial claims about the company’s executive leadership program.

Parisot-Potter alleged that the program, known as Delphi, involved unusual practices such as training employees to communicate with the dead and to self-heal using ‘white light energy’. These allegations were part of a 13-page document she had previously shared with Massy’s CEO, Gervase Warner. The board, while denying these accusations as “patently untrue and scandalous,” has initiated an independent investigation into each of her claims.

The revelation of these claims has had a notable impact, sparking widespread attention on social media and affecting the company’s stock market performance. Over one million Massy shares were sold following Parisot-Potter’s accusations, accounting for a significant portion of the day’s trading volume, and resulting in a slight decrease in the company’s share price.

In response to the situation, the board reiterated its commitment to addressing all allegations seriously and following due process. The Massy Holdings board’s statement emphasized the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of internal matters and ensuring responsible handling of the situation.

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