OAS Council President Addresses Haiti’s Challenges in Special Meeting

Sir Ronald Sanders, President of the Permanent Council of the (OAS)

Sir Ronald Sanders, Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda and President of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), concluded a special meeting on Haiti with a profound statement on the nation’s ongoing crisis. In his address, Sir Ronald emphasized the critical need to deeply contemplate the persistent struggles of the Haitian people. He pointed out that their suffering, exacerbated by the control of armed gangs, is deeply rooted in a history of oppression, exploitation, and dictatorships.

Acknowledging that re-establishing security in Haiti is a crucial step toward restoring law and order, Sir Ronald noted that this action represents just the beginning of a much-needed transformation. He highlighted that the disarmament of gangs is only a gateway to broader economic and social reforms essential for Haiti’s development.

Sir Ronald emphasized that the Haitian people deserve a future built on the foundations of a civilized society, including access to basic necessities such as housing, water, electricity, and employment opportunities. He stressed the importance of education as a fundamental tool for progress and the need to eradicate the shadows of dictatorship and corruption.

Furthermore, he called for a commitment to supporting Haiti in creating an environment where the rights of its people, especially women, are respected and their aspirations achievable.

Sir Ronald concluded by urging attendees to understand that the meeting was not the end of their work, but a call to action to support Haiti in building the nation its people desire for current and future generations. His statement reflects a collective responsibility to stand with Haiti in its quest for stability, progress, and dignity.

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