OECS Global Startup Hub 2024: Showcasing Caribbean Entrepreneurial Talent

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OECS entrepreneurs

The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) is fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through its Global Startup Hub initiative. The 2024 program will offer up to 150 entrepreneurs a chance to participate in a two-week Virtual Accelerator Program, with a select few qualifying for the more intensive five-week Hero Program. This initiative is backed by various partners, including the Caribbean Development Bank and JetBlue Ventures, and is supported by the OECS TECHIE Programme.

Here are some of the promising entrepreneurs and their business ventures from various OECS countries:

  1. Elijah James (Antigua and Barbuda) – The Local App Inc.: Focused on developing digital local information access platforms, including GPS-enabled community guide apps and NFC-enabled e-wallets for digital transactions.
  2. Javier Galloway (Saint Kitts and Nevis) – Nuwaay: Developing an app to connect event-goers with street food vendors, enhancing experiences at events, charities, and music festivals.
  3. Kimron Corion (Grenada) – Corion and Co Ltd: Aiming to transform the OECS from digital consumers to innovators through tech education.
  4. Sophia Searles (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) – Searles Agro Products: An agro-processing company producing peanuts, coconut oils, and shredded coconuts, with plans for a sustainable coconut farm.
  5. Maricia Wilson (Saint Lucia) – Urban Herbs Nursery: Offering a variety of medicinal and culinary herb plants for home gardens.
  6. Annesta Fergus (Montserrat) – Phannestic Consulting/ Montserrat Creative Nexus: Establishing a digital collaborative platform to unite local and diaspora expertise for Montserrat’s development.
  7. Shianna Edgings (Saint Kitts and Nevis) – Sculpt By Stush/ Stush Online Beauty Academy: An online beauty academy offering digital courses in cosmetology and related fields.
  8. Stephen Felix (Saint Lucia) – Medial Health: Developing a decentralized health information system to modernize medical center operations and facilitate data sharing.

These entrepreneurs reflect the vibrant and diverse entrepreneurial spirit in the OECS region. The OECS Commission is set to support 22 entrepreneurs for the Draper University Hero Program in 2024, provided they first successfully participate in the Virtual Accelerator Program. This initiative is a significant step in nurturing and showcasing the innovative potential of the Caribbean region on a global stage.

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