Police Seize Radios and Uniforms in Raid on Home of Pastor Claimed to be SSA Spy

“The Phantom” Pastor Ian Albert Ezekiel Brown

In a surprising turn of events in Arima, Trinidad, the home of pastor and purported intelligence officer for the Strategic Services Agency (SSA), Ian Ezekiel Brown, was raided by officers from the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF), Special Branch, and Special Investigations Unit (SIU). Dubbed Operation Creed, the raid led to the discovery of two wireless radios and two police uniforms among other items. Brown, who also serves as a Special Reserve Police (SRP) officer, has been in the spotlight following claims of his involvement in intelligence activities.

The search warrant, executed during the raid, targeted arms and ammunition but also unearthed police gear, sparking questions about the legality of Brown’s possession of these items. Despite efforts, responses from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) and National Security Minister Fitzgerarld Hinds regarding the authorization for Brown to have such items were not forthcoming.

Brown, in a separate interview with the Trinidad Express, presented evidence of his role as an SRP officer engaged in intelligence gathering, working closely with past and present Police Commissioners. He detailed his involvement in spying since the 1980s and his contributions to national security, including providing intelligence to the Special Anti-Crime Unit (SAUTT) and operating under former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

The controversy surrounding Brown’s activities and the raid on his home highlights the complex interplay between national security operations and individual rights in Trinidad and Tobago. The incident has raised significant concerns about the oversight and accountability of intelligence operatives within the SSA and the broader security apparatus.

As investigations continue, the impact of the raid and the revelations about Brown’s involvement in intelligence work remain to be fully understood. The situation underscores the challenges facing Trinidad and Tobago’s security and intelligence agencies in balancing the need for effective operations with transparency and legal compliance.

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