Regional Security System Officers Undergo Counter-Terrorism Training

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RSS Officers

In a significant move to bolster regional security, twenty-four police and military officers from the Regional Security System (RSS) Member States are set to enhance their skills in counter-terrorism tactics. The four-week training, known as the Counter Terrorism Tactical Response Course (CT-TAC), is being hosted by the RSS Training Institute and funded by the 11th European Development Fund (EDF).

The training program is tailored to equip officers in countering armed organized criminals, anti-government threats, and terrorism. Instructors from the Belize Defence Force’s Special Operations and Tactics Unit (SOTU) will lead the course, bringing expert knowledge and experience to the participants.

Lt. Col. Roberto Beltran, Staff Officer (Exercises) at the RSS, emphasized the importance of the course in strengthening the regional security systems. The program includes field and classroom exercises aimed at enhancing the ability of officers to detect, prevent, combat, and manage terrorist threats in both land and maritime domains.

The CT-TAC course is divided into four distinct phases: In-camp Training: This phase focuses on foundational knowledge and preparatory skills. Individual Skills: Officers will receive specialized training tailored to their roles and responsibilities. Live Firing: This phase involves practical exercises in handling and operating firearms under various scenarios. Field Training Exercises: The final phase includes simulations and field exercises to apply learned skills in real-world-like situations.

Training areas include Special Operations, Conventional Platoon Level Operations, Map Reading, Convoy Protection, Small Boat Operations, Close Quarter Combat, and Unarmed Combat. The course is comprehensive, covering various tactical response areas to prepare the officers thoroughly.

The skills acquired in the CT-TAC will be critical for the upcoming Unity Exercise (UNEX), scheduled in St. Lucia from April 3 to 13, 2024. UNEX 2024, another joint initiative with the RSS and the 11th EDF in collaboration with the government of St. Lucia, will feature numerous simulations across the island nation. It serves as both a platform to demonstrate the officers’ newly acquired skills and an opportunity to identify and rectify any shortcomings, further enhancing their capabilities.

Lt. Col. Beltran highlighted the significance of UNEX 2024 in providing a practical environment for officers to apply their training and prepare for any eventualities.

This training program represents a proactive approach by the RSS and its Member States to address the evolving security challenges in the region. By equipping officers with advanced counter-terrorism skills, the RSS aims to ensure a swift and effective response to threats, thereby maintaining peace and stability in the Caribbean region.

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