Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Commits to Law and Order Amid Rising Crime

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St. Lucia Prime minister the Hon. Philip J. Pierre

In response to the recent surge in criminal activity in Saint Lucia, Prime Minister and Minister for National Security, Hon. Philip J. Pierre, has reiterated his unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order on the island. The Prime Minister has condemned the recent spate of shootings that have not only terrorized communities but also resulted in loss of life and injuries.

Prime Minister Pierre has made it abundantly clear that his government will not entertain any form of compromise with criminals. “Ensuring the safety of our citizens, inhabitants, and visitors to our island is a non-negotiable priority,” stated the Prime Minister. He emphasized that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has his full backing to undertake necessary tactical operations and implement effective anti-crime strategies, particularly targeting gang-related activities, within the confines of the law.

As the Minister for National Security, Prime Minister Pierre is actively involved in bolstering the crime-fighting capabilities of the RSLPF by facilitating the allocation of essential resources and tools. He has expressed confidence in the High Command of the RSLPF’s commitment to pursuing known gang members and their leaders until they are removed from the communities.

In addition to law enforcement measures, the government is implementing targeted social intervention programs aimed at diverting vulnerable groups from the influence of criminal gangs. These initiatives are designed to offer alternative pathways and protect at-risk populations from engaging in unlawful activities.

Prime Minister Pierre maintains a close working relationship with the RSLPF, meeting weekly with the High Command to discuss ongoing operations and initiatives intended to eradicate criminal elements from Saint Lucia’s streets and communities. This collaborative approach between the government and law enforcement agencies underscores the administration’s dedication to restoring peace and ensuring that law and order prevail in Saint Lucia.

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