Alarming WHO Report: Road Accidents Still Top Killer of Youth, 1.19 Million Dead Despite Global Efforts!

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The World Health Organization’s latest report reveals a slight decrease in annual global road traffic deaths to 1.19 million, yet road accidents continue to be the leading cause of death for children and youth aged 5–29. Despite a 5% reduction in fatalities since 2010, road crashes remain a major global health crisis, with vulnerable users like pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists at particularly high risk.

The report highlights progress in some countries, with 108 UN Member States reporting a decrease in road traffic deaths between 2010 and 2021. Notably, ten countries have achieved over a 50% reduction in traffic fatalities. However, the burden is still disproportionately heavy in low- and middle-income countries, where 90% of road traffic deaths occur. These countries have only 1% of the world’s motor vehicles but face three times the risk of road traffic death compared to high-income countries.

Vulnerable road users account for 53% of all traffic fatalities, with a significant increase in deaths among cyclists and pedestrians. The report underscores the need for more robust policies and infrastructure to protect these groups. Only a quarter of countries have policies promoting safer modes of transport like walking, cycling, and public transport, despite 90% of people identifying as pedestrians.

The WHO report also points out the lack of progress in implementing comprehensive laws and safety standards. Only six countries meet WHO best practice for all key risk factors, such as speeding, drunk-driving, and the use of helmets, seatbelts, and child restraints. Vehicle safety features and road infrastructure also lag behind, with few countries legislating on key vehicle safety features or requiring safety inspections for all road users.

This report calls for stronger commitments from governments worldwide to improve road safety and reduce fatalities, especially among vulnerable road users. The doubling of the global motor-vehicle fleet by 2030 underscores the urgency for immediate and sustained action in road safety measures.

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