Dominica Police Station Loses Nine Guns, Including Assault Rifles, in Brazen Heist


The Dominica government has enlisted the help of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (CARICOM IMPACS) following a significant theft of firearms and ammunition from the St. Joseph Police Station. National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmoore expressed grave concern over the incident, in which at least nine firearms, including assault rifles, were stolen.

Blackmoore emphasized the severity of the situation, stating that it transcends political affiliations and should be regarded as a critical national issue. He mentioned that the Police Commissioner has assigned the head of the Criminal Investigation Department to probe into the matter. However, due to the urgency and gravity of the situation, the government has sought independent investigators from CARICOM IMPACS to conduct an impartial investigation.

Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon confirmed the theft of nine firearms, including six assault rifles, a shotgun, two pistols, and various ammunition. He described the incident as “outrageous,” highlighting the expectation that police officers should be present at the police station at all times. Carbon pointed out that the St. Joseph Police Station is currently spread across three locations due to construction, but stressed that there should have been sufficient police presence to prevent such an incident.

This theft has raised significant concerns about the security and operational protocols at the police station, and the involvement of CARICOM IMPACS indicates the high level of attention the government is giving to this issue.

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