Lateefa George’s Death at Clarevue Hospital Sparks Legal Inquiry and Highlights Care Concerns

Lateefa George
Lateefa George

The parents of Lateefa George, who died under mysterious circumstances at Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital in Antigua and Barbuda, are considering legal action. A leaked eight-page report by the hospital’s Medical Superintendent, Dr. James Knight, reveals troubling details about her treatment on the day of her death, October 31.

The report describes inexperienced staff handling George roughly, leading to her neck injury, gasping for breath, and becoming unresponsive. This incident has spotlighted long-standing issues at the hospital, where workers have protested the working conditions for years.

The report also suggests that the ministry’s interest in George’s case stems mainly from public backlash. Health Minister Molwyn Joseph, in a recent press conference, acknowledged the report but admitted to not having read it thoroughly.

He stated that a probe into George’s death is ongoing and the matter is now with the judiciary, stressing the government’s limited role in this legal process. This case raises serious concerns about healthcare standards, staff training, and accountability in medical facilities, especially those treating vulnerable populations like psychiatric patients. It also underscores the complex interplay between healthcare, legal systems, and government responsibility in addressing such tragic incidents.

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