UK-Caribbean Infrastructure Conference 2023: Focusing on Climate Resilience and Social Inclusion

Delegates of the UK-Caribbean Infrastructure Conference 2023

The UK Caribbean Infrastructure Conference 2023, a collaborative effort between the UK Government and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), was recently held in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The event, funded by the UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund (UKCIF), showcased the strong UK-Caribbean partnership and emphasized enhancing project management and delivery of large infrastructure projects with a focus on climate resilience and social inclusion.

Representatives from nine Caribbean countries and various regional and international organizations discussed key topics, including improving project management, environmental protection, and incorporating social and gender inclusion in infrastructure projects. The UKCIF, a £350 million grant-funded program, is committed to building climate-resilient, inclusive infrastructure to foster economic growth in the Caribbean.

The conference highlighted the shared challenges in project management across the region and the opportunities for shared learning and efficiency. Emphasis was also placed on the importance of including women, youth, and people with disabilities in the construction sector, ensuring that UKCIF projects are accessible to all.

The UK Government’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) presented tools used for infrastructure development in the UK, and plans were announced to sponsor Caribbean delegates for an IPA Infrastructure Foundations Masterclass in London in March 2024. This conference underscores the commitment to sustainable development in the Caribbean, focusing on inclusivity and resilience to climate change, fostering a legacy for future generations.

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