Massy’s Top Legal Executive Quits Amid Explosive Allegations Against Leadership Program

Angelique Parisot Potter
Angelique Parisot Potter

Angélique Parisot-Potter, the Executive Vice President of Business Integrity and Group General Counsel at Massy, has resigned effective immediately, just nine days after raising concerns about the company’s executive leadership program. Her decision to leave was not part of a negotiated exit.

Parisot-Potter’s resignation followed her allegations against Delphi Sphere Consulting, a Florida-based firm conducting the leadership program for Massy. At the company’s annual general meeting on December 18, she voiced concerns about Delphi’s practices, claiming they involved bizarre rituals and exerted undue influence over Massy’s executive team. She also criticized the program’s drain on foreign exchange resources.

Following her remarks at the annual General Meeting, Massy initiated a disciplinary process against her but also started an independent investigation into her claims. She was then placed on paid administrative leave until January 12.

Massy’s President and CEO Gervase Warner admitted the company spent up to US$1 million annually on Delphi’s program, which involves frequent travel to Florida and extensive weekly commitments. Warner defended the program, suggesting it was integral to Massy’s culture and success.

Parisot-Potter, who had been with Massy for seven years, hoped her departure would contribute to broader discussions on governance, especially in publicly listed companies. The major shareholders of Massy include the State through the National Insurance Board, Republic Bank Limited – Trust & Asset Management, and the Unit Trust Corporation, cumulatively holding 34.5% of Massy.

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