US Embassy Issues Security Alert for Americans in Trinidad Amidst Increased Gang Activity

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The scene of the quadruple homicide

The United States Embassy in Trinidad has issued a security warning for American citizens in the country, particularly highlighting the need for increased vigilance in the St Augustine area and surrounding locations like Trincity, following a quadruple homicide that occurred on Wednesday.

Dated December 28, 2023, this alert calls for heightened awareness due to the potential rise in criminal activities, specifically gang-related violence. While this advisory is specifically targeted at US nationals, the threat of gang violence also poses a significant risk to non-US citizens residing in or planning to visit Trinidad and Tobago.

The US Embassy spokesperson clarified that this message is a specific, time-sensitive alert for US citizens in Trinidad and Tobago and does not represent a general update to the travel advisory for the country.

The alert notes that criminal activities are more likely to happen in crowded public areas such as markets, shopping malls, airports, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, transportation hubs, and schools. The recent increase in gang activity in areas like Trincity Mall, Grand Bazaar, and Valsayn has led to the embassy advising extreme caution, especially as the new year approaches.

The Embassy advises that their citizens exercise increased vigilance or avoid areas known for heightened criminal activity. Also that they continuously review and update personal security plans and remain aware of their surroundings ensuring that they stay informed of local news for the latest updates.

This advisory serves as a crucial reminder for all individuals in Trinidad and Tobago, regardless of nationality, to remain cautious and informed about their security and the local criminal landscape.

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