President Ali Reaffirms Guyana’s Commitment to Peace in Border Controversy with Venezuela

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro And His Guyanese Counterpart Irfaan Ali Meet In Kingstown
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro And His Guyanese Counterpart Irfaan Ali

Reaffirming Guyana’s commitment to peace in the border controversy with Venezuela, President Dr. Irfaan Ali emphasized the potential for collaboration between the two nations, noting their shared geography and resources. This stance was highlighted in a special broadcast, reflecting on his recent meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other regional officials.

President Ali, focusing on peace and stability in the region, stated that despite the ongoing dispute over the resource-rich Essequibo region, Guyana remains firm in its position, seeking resolution through the International Court of Justice (ICJ). He stressed the importance of maintaining peace, not just for Guyana but for the entire region, as any disruption could impact neighboring economies, like Brazil, heavily reliant on regional transportation and logistics.

The “Argyle Declaration,” an 11-point agreement resulting from a historic meeting in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, facilitated by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, marked a significant step in addressing the border issue. The declaration involves a commitment to peaceful resolution in accordance with international law and continuous dialogue on mutual matters.

President Ali also responded to Venezuela’s comments on the HMS Trent’s visit to Guyana, underscoring the country’s right to engage with international partners for regional security. The HMS Trent’s deployment, primarily for anti-drug smuggling operations, represents diplomatic support from the UK to Guyana.

The meeting between Guyana and Venezuela concluded with an agreement to form a joint commission to address mutually agreed matters, aiming for an update within three months. The ongoing controversy, dating back to the 1899 Arbitral Award, has seen Guyana garnering strong support from CARICOM, the Commonwealth, and other international partners. The ICJ’s involvement remains a pivotal aspect of this long-standing dispute.

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