Putin Pledges to Intensify Attacks on Ukraine Following Recent Aerial Bombardments

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Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to intensify military operations against Ukraine, following recent mutual aerial bombardments in the ongoing conflict. During a visit to a Moscow military hospital, Putin emphasized the focus on Ukrainian military installations, reacting to an air raid on Belgorod, which he labeled a deliberate attack on civilians, resulting in 25 deaths.

In discussions with Russian servicemen, Putin asserted that the war’s momentum is shifting in Moscow’s favor and expressed a desire for a swift conclusion on Russia’s terms. He identified Western support for Ukraine as the primary barrier to resolving the conflict, suggesting a shift in their rhetoric as they recognize Russia’s resilience.

Simultaneously, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in his new year address, announced plans to significantly increase Ukraine’s weapons production in 2024, including the manufacturing of at least a million drones.

The conflict saw recent escalations with Ukraine shelling Donetsk, resulting in casualties, and Ukrainian forces striking targets in south-west Russia, including the mentioned attack on Belgorod. Belgorod’s governor reported an increased death toll, including a young child, with numerous injuries.

This upsurge in attacks, including Russia’s extensive strikes across Ukraine causing significant fatalities, marks a heightened phase in the conflict, intensifying the humanitarian and geopolitical implications.

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